Translations (Czech-Serbian | Serbian-Czech)

Translations to and from Czech language are available at our Agency. We offer translations for the language combination Czech-Serbian and Serbian–Czech. Our Czech language translators and interpreters provide efficient and good quality translations. We encourage individual approach to each client and give special attention to the quality of translations. Therefore, we do not display a fixed price list, but we respond to each request and send a concrete price offer with the deadline based on your request and needs. Contact us.

Translations (Czech-Serbian | Serbian-Czech):

Translation of texts in different fields: Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Civil Engineering, Information Technologies, Economics and Finance, Agriculture and Mechanical Engineering etc. Translation of all types of texts and documentation: manuals, catalogues, contracts, presentations, studies, reports, software etc.
Additional services: Proofreading, editing and certified translations.

Interpretation (Czech-Serbian | Serbian-Czech):

Consecutive Interpreting – Interpreting at all sorts of gatherings and meetings with various number of participants. The interpreting is performed consecutively, after each segment of the original speech. It does not require special technical equipment.
Simultaneous Interpreting – The most efficient and appropriate type of interpretation, especially at big meetings and conferences. The interpreter is interpreting into the target language at the same time while the speaker is talking. This type of interpretation does not require additional time, and does not interfere with the meeting dynamics. Simultaneous interpreting, however, requires relevant equipment and engagement of a couple of interpreters per booth (per language combination).
Chuchotage – Whispering / interpreting in a low voice to a participant, or to a small number of participants. This type of interpretation is often used when there are no conditions for simultaneous translation. Chuchotage Interpreting is possible only for a limited number of participants in a meeting.