Our Agency offers services of proofreading and editing for the most of the world languages, as well as for Serbian and other regional languages (Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin etc.) Proofreading and editing ensure that the text are free of typing and grammatical errors.Our proofreaders are native speakers of the relevant language. Unlike translators who are bilingual or multilingual, proofreaders do not need to speak another language apart from their native one.

We recommend that each publication – printed or electronically published text in Serbian, or any other language – is edited before publishing. It is especially important that a translated text, which you wish to publish, is edited by a native speaker who is a language specialist. If you need proofreading and editing of texts in Serbian or another language contact us. We will answer all your questions and send you a quote immediately upon receipt of your requests. We communicate closely with our clients with an aim to offer the best services for each individual project. Out proofreaders are language professionals and native speakers of relevant languages. Find out more on the rates, delivery time, privacy and safety of your texts.

We respond to our clients’ requests in an informed and timely manner. A qualified language expert will talk to you or respond to your email. You can phone or email us, or you can schedule a meeting with us. We will offer you our due time and attention. We are a translation agency you can trust. If you need proofreading or editing services, bear in mind that erroneous text could damage your business image. Our translation agency promotes individual approach to each client. We will consider your requests carefully and recommend relevant proofreading and editing services. We offer lower rates for proofreading and editing if we have translated the texts.