Translations: Translation of texts in different fields: Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Civil Engineering, Information Technologies, Economics and Finance, Agriculture and Mechanical Engineering etc. Translation of all types of texts and documentation: manuals, catalogues, contracts, presentations, studies, reports, software etc. We accept all formats of original texts and we deliver the translation in the same format on client’s request (.docx, .pdf, .xlsx, .xml, .html, .csv). Translations for the most of the world languages are available at our agency. Rates for translation services depend on the volume and complexity of texts. The rates are usually quoted per translation page (1,800 characters with spaces). If you need translation services, contact us.

We shall answer all your questions and send you a quote immediately upon receipt of your requests. We communicate closely with our clients with an aim to offer the best translation services for each individual project. Out translators are professionals and experts in various fields with excellent knowledge of respective terminology. Find out more on the rates, delivery time, privacy and safety of your texts. We engage several translators per project for urgent requests and big projects. Our translators use joint translation memory and term bases, and have good cooperation as to secure consistent terminology in translated texts. We respond to our clients’ requests in an informed and timely manner. A qualified language expert will talk to you or respond to your email. You can phone or email us, or you can schedule a meeting with us. We will offer you our due time and attention. We are a translation agency you can trust. If you need translation services, bear in mind that faulty translation could damage your business image. Our translation agency promotes individual approach to each client. We are committed to deliver quality translations and we carefully select translator to match your needs. The clients with loyalty status have a discount on regular rates.