Simultaneous Interpreting is the most efficient and appropriate type of interpretation, especially at big meetings and conferences. The interpreter is interpreting into the target language at the same time while the speaker is talking. This type of interpretation does not require additional time, and does not interfere with the meeting dynamics. Simultaneous interpreting, however, requires relevant equipment and engagement of a couple of interpreters per booth (per language combination). Our interpreters are professionals with excellent knowledge of terminology in various fields: Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Civil Engineering, Information Technologies, Economics and Finance, Agriculture and Mechanical Engineering etc.

In cooperation with clients, we assist interpreters to get familiar with the meeting themes. If the client provides presentations and material in advance, the interpreters will be better prepared and the interpreting will be more fluent and of better quality. Interpreting services are available at our agency for the most of the world languages. Interpretation rates are charged per hour, or per day (for more than 4 hours of interpreting). You can find more on the rates here. If you need simultaneous interpreting, contact us. We shall answer all your questions and send you a quote immediately upon receipt of your requests. We communicate closely with our clients with an aim to offer the best interpreting services for each individual event. Our interpreters are experienced professionals with proven interpreting skills. Find out more on the rates, interpreting methods, privacy and safety of your data. We shall inform you on the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and advise you on the best approach to match your business needs. We respond to our clients’ requests in an informed and timely manner. A qualified language expert will talk to you or respond to your email. You can phone or email us, or you can schedule a meeting with us. We will offer you our due time and attention. We are a translation agency you can trust. If you need interpreting services, bear in mind that faulty interpreting at the event you organize could damage your business image. Our translation agency promotes individual approach to each client. We are committed to deliver quality interpreting and we carefully select interpreter to match your needs. The clients with loyalty status have a discount on regular rates.