Certified translations

Certified translations by sworn translators (court interpreters) are available at our Agency as an additional service for our loyal clients. Certain documents, such as diplomas, certificates, medical documentation, authorizations, personal IDs and similar, need to be translated and certified by a sworn translator. The sworn translators are professionals who have the license issued by the Ministry of Justice. Their stamp and signature certify that the translated document fully corresponds to the original. A copy of the original document is enclosed to the translation.

It is necessary that the clients give information related to the purpose of the required translation and any other special requirements. The certified translations are usually issued in hardcopy. In case when the originals are not necessary, the translator can scan the certified translation and send it to the client electronically. Otherwise, the translation is delivered in person, by registered mail or by currier service. We recommend that clients check if the Hague Apostille is requred. In Serbia, the Hague Apostille is issued by the court with jurisdiction over the geographic area where instututions, which issued relevant documents, are registered. For the registry of the sworn translators/court interpreters for the territory of Serbia (without Vojvodina) click here. For the registry of the sworn translators/court interpreters for the territory of Vojvodina click here. If you need our Agency’s advice or recommendation, feel free to contact us. A qualified specialist will talk to you and refer you to the relevant authority. Our regular clients can require this additional service for the majority of world languages.